about us

In the name of God, the life and wisdom of the superior thinker do not pass.

*Professionals work with professionals*

The great creator has given us creativity, our offering is to use that creativity, the world is our creative workshop.

Nice creative team of group art, young and experienced and with a new and creative look at the topics raised by providing the most effective practical solutions, communication and advertising, applying art, creativity, knowledge and technology and relying on capable and expert forces to the organization We help aspirants build their businesses, develop their capabilities, grow, innovate and create deep and valuable connections with their customers at different levels.

Nik Hanar team with a good history in consulting, developing strategy and advertising campaigns, implementing various sales and marketing methods is ready to provide the best solution with the highest result for introducing and selling different services of your collection.

The customer is our number one priority, we develop our activities by changing the needs of our customers to achieve profitable growth, the concept of joint prosperity and gaining credibility in the context of honesty and responsibility.

Our customers are our most valuable capital and our most important partners, the first experience of customers with us will be honesty, creativity and speed of action.

The good faith of art:

Professionals work with professionals.

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why Nik Honar

customer oriented

creativity and innovation

High performance ability

Up to date and modern


Professional and idealistic